Starting September 2019 Staff and Students must attend the relevant IxD Workshop Courses before gaining unsupervised access to the workshop and machines.

Our goal is to maintain a pleasant space for high quality prototyping. The courses are therefore designed to ensure users are familiar with the safe and proper use of the machines, with plenty of tips and tricks for good design practice in the IxD Workshop.

How do I sign up?

Simply sign up with your name and email on the sheets next the IxD workshop door. Sign up is on a first come, first serve basis with new course dates added regularly.

NB. A minimum of 6 participants are required before the course will run. 


I haven't passed a course and need help, what do I do?

Drop by during lab opening hours, where all making will need to be supervised or guided by Harvey or Halfdan.

We expect these hours to be very busy, so we strongly advise you to attend the courses if you are a regular user. or will need physical prototyping in the future. 

(opening hours found on the IxD lab door, 5A58).


I've used the workshop before, can I still get access?

Unfortunately not, but we have tried our best to make sure the new courses are comprehensive enough, so even those familiar with the machines will learn something new.


Approx. 1.5 hours
During this course you will learn the basics of safety, and good practice in the workshop. We will pay special attention to the larger machines and powertools, demonstrate basic jig setups and introduce making practices that maximise the potential of the machines and tools for high quality prototyping.

Approx. 2hrs
The emphasis in this course is on getting started with cutting and etching sheet material on the laser cutter using simple vector files. We will also cover some basic design tips, workflows and safety considerations.  As the laser is the most popular machine in the workshop, this course will very often run directly after the mandatory Basic Access Course.

Approx. 2hrs
Want to become a 3D print ninja? This is the course for you. We will cover good practice with 3D modelling and 3D printing  for the best quality prints possible. 3D prints often go wrong so there will be a strong emphasis on troubleshooting and prevention . Once completed, you will also have access to the Form2 SLA machine for the extremely high quality, high tolerance prints. 

Approx. 3hrs
This is a specialist course and will run rarely. If you are interested in attending send Harvey ( or Halfdan ( an email.