We have an Epilog Helix 60w laser-cutter that can work with wood, MDF, plexiglass, fabrics, cardboard, paper and leather.
The laser-cutter is ideal for quickly producing prototypes in a variety of materials.
You can cut up to a maximum of 10mm in most materials and engrave up to around 0.5mm.
At the lab, we provide a range of materials for your projects.

We have a PC with Adobe Illustrator installed for use with the laser-cutter.
You can import .ai files directly or use an .svg from your vector program of choice.

See the document below for more details on how to use the machine.
Lasercutting 101


Lasercutting Resources

MakerCase is a program that produces lasercut-able box designs (remember to use millimeters as the unit of measure).

Gear Generator is a tool to make cogs and gearsets and export them for lasering.

InkScape is a free vector drawing program in the style of Illustrator.

An Instructable about making kerfing patterns for bendable wood.