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A junior researcher is the formalisation of having student projects more closely affiliated with the lab. In the IxD lab we can host 2-3 junior researchers pr semester. As junior researcher you will get a desk in the lab, access to general lab facilities and staff in the same way that senior researchers in the lab has. You will also get the benefits of working along side researchers and staff in the lab for ongoing feedback and discussions on your work.

Junior researchers are chosen based on a project description submitted before June 5 and December 5 to akav@itu.dk. It can be master thesis projects, bachelor projects, or independent study project. The criteria for being affiliated with the lab is based on the quality of the project description and its coherence with the IxD lab’s research profile. Having a supervisor from the lab is not a criteria, however, it is necessary that your supervisor recommend the affiliation.

As a junior researcher you are expected to participate in the lab studios, the lab status meetings and other lab activities. You will also be responsible for hosting a studio during your project period in which you can draw on the feedback and design skills from all researchers and staff affiliated with the IxD lab. You will also be obligated to present your project on the website and on our instagram account both during and after the project is finalised.