A Basic Form Language for Shape-Changing Interfaces

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Through this project we propose a basic form language for shape-changing interfaces. The form language work independently of materials and contexts of use. It is meant to inform design practice and therefore it is essential that it is easily graspable and available. We derive at the language through looking towards adjacent fields of architecture and industrial design as well as through our own practice.

We qualify the relevancy of the language in three ways: through using it in practice both as generative for our designs, as means to communicate with external collaborators, and finally we demonstrate its analytical power through analyzing three shape-changing interfaces made by others.

Project team:

Morten Winther & Anna Vallgårda


Winther, Morten & Anna Vallgårda. “A basic form-language for shape-changing interfaces” TEI’16, Eindhoven, Netherlands, February 2016 [pdf]

Tilting\ Plate and Bending\ Arches in Demo hour Interactions 22 (6), 8-11

Winther, Morten. “Tilting\ Plate and Bending\ Arches: Shape-Changing Interfaces as Expressive Forms
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