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Design exhibition ‘Bright Light Sight’ was organised as part of the 2nd sem. DDK course ‘Designing Interactive Artefacts’. Course goals were to articulate and prototype interactions, building on interaction design theories that deal with interaction gestalt  and mobilising various prototyping  platforms. The exhibited interactive lights spanned from raising curiosity to provoking surprise, and from evoking a sense of magic to playful exploration.

Course teachers: Laurens Boer and Jonas Fritsch 


Frederik Skals, Tobias Jensen, Peter Damm, Jannik Jakobsen

Honeycombs is a hexagon honeycomb shaped lamp for a domestic context, where modules are combined to create a desired physical form, yet also can be moved around the house to create a local atmosphere.


Lena Kühn, Charlotte Hermann, Juliane Busboom

YOURS invites for an intimate interaction. Holding the silicon shaped ball creates a calming gradually increasing white light, that eventually leads to an magic pulse of coloured of lights.


Laura Rendboe, Jimmy Mikkelsen, Rikke Schlamovitz, Jeppe Kjøller

Inspired by a bonfire, Vigour is a light that should be given life and kept alive by blowing on it.

Proximity Light

Mikkel Christiansen, Mie Holm, Line Andersen, Sofie Asker Black Calundann

Proximity Light is a light installation that lets the users explore the artifact driven by their curiosity. Due to its asymmetrical shape and the size of its 18 surfaces, the users are encouraged to interact with the installation through touch and proximity. The user will have to explore Proximity Light to find the places where he/she can leave a mark.



Nina Husum, Astrid Daugård, Anton Ulrichsen, Rasmus Mathiesen

Skvulp simulates waves of water that can be playfully bounced back and forth.




Nina Marcussen, Sofie Larsen, Thea Dahl, Frederik Nielsen

Inspired by embers from what once was a bonfire, Ember is an interactive lamp aiming at exploring continuums of time and modality. The user has to tilt the lamp to experience a short and vague twinkling that suddenly twinkles to a maximum intensity of light, to after a while slowly fade out. Tilting multiple times in a row invites for an experience of playfulness. Ember can create an atmospheric lighting context in which people gather for conversation while taking turns to tilt it and keeping the light alive.


Mette Balle, Anna Korvin, Lærke Ditlev, Christoffer Jensen

ScaredyCat is a pillow to ease young children’s fear for the dark bedroom. Its light behaviour reflects this fear in its rapid twinkle. However upon picking up and cuddling with the pillow, the lights  turn into a soothing light that slowly fades in and out.


Cecilie Damgaard, Line Villadsen

The interactive lamp that allures you to closeness — one step at the time.

Waving Light

Mads Christiansen, Stanislava Sharankova, Verena Lechner, Marie Sørensen

Waving light is an omnipresent light that that fills the entire space once broken through the water. The light effects can be played much like a theremin to evoke a powerful, enchanting, and fairy-tale-like experience.

Benchmarking Love

Niels Debel, Søren Pilgård, Melanie Djernæs, Tali Melchior

This bench senses how many people sit on it and where they sit to accordingly create a mild shift in lighting. As people gradually move closer, the light gradually changes the atmosphere to become more romantic…


Nanna Nielsen, Thea Nielsen, Ernesto Hinojosa

Curious-E wakes up upon people looking at it, and follows your every movement.

Frustration Box

Katrine Bach, Julie Bach, Emilie Andersen, Betina Mogensen

The frustration box helps you relieve your anger and frustration by immersing yourself in it and screaming out loud.