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Exploring methods of magic for overcoming limitations in actuation technology in mixed reality systems.


The basic idea behind this pilot project is that new sensor and actuation technology (e.g. gaze tracking) could be used in combination with methods known from professional entertainment illusionism, to fool human perception to the extent that simulations of changes to the surrounding real environment appear as real. At a later stage in the given place, when resources are available (and the human agent is not attending), the simulated object/situation can be made real by means of robotics or human action. In short, the idea is to substitute real changes to the real world with simulations (to “fill out the blanks”) until a time when the change can actually be made, all as imperceivable to the human agent as possible.


The overall goal of the pilot project is to survey illusionists methods and perception psychology, identify suitable sensor/actuation technology, and to build a first prototype setup/testbed where spatiotemporal aspects of human perception can be explored.


Project Team

Thomas Pederson
Dan Witzner Hansen
Diako Mardanbeigi
Shahram Jalaliniya