IxD Lab at Copenhagen Culture Night 2017

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IxD Lab was proud to present some of our projects at this year’s Culture Night on October 13. 

The projects we showed were: SensorBoard, a pedagogical tool for visualising how various sensors work, the Blo-Nut, a soft-robot “Performing Object”, a CMOS Synthesizer, the Hedonic Haptics Player, and a video of an acted-out speculative scenario involving implantable digital contraception.

The response was very positive,  thanks to everyone that came down and interacted with us, we had a great time.

See you next year!


Two children try some noise-making with the CMOS synthesizer.

Understanding basic sensing technology with the SensorBoard

Sarah and Harvey take 5 before the guests arrive

Harvey explaining the Blo-Nut and showing various prototypes