Where to Buy Materials

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IxD Lab offers a selection of components and materials, and in most cases these will be adequate for your project needs. If you need to buy other materials, we recommend the following suppliers.

Ordering items from Denmark is typically more expensive than from overseas but shipping is generally (much) faster. Be aware of eventual import taxes on goods from outside the EU. 

Please do not order sheet materials for laser-cutting without first consulting IxD Lab.


RS Components (DK)

Elektronik Lavpris (DK)

ArduinoTech (DK)

SparkFun (USA)

eBay (USA / China)

Amazon (USA/UK/China)

Adafruit (USA)

Elecrow (China) + Cheap PCB fabrication

Precision Microdrives (UK)

Sheet Materials


Tutein & Koch (DK)

Hobarts (UK)

Other Materials

MakeMake (DK) Modelling materials

STOF 2000 (DK) Fabrics, fasteners etc.


If you have a suggestion for this list, please email us.