Information for students and researchers that may help them with the technology we offer at IxD.
Here you will find guides and tips for using and getting the most out of the IxD Lab.

Resource Links


Here is a list of links that may be useful.

Novel Piezo Sensing


Piezo elements are small devices that can turn vibration into electrical current and vice versa. In this short exploration, we examine how Piezo elements can be exploited to create some unique sensing objects.

The sensing objects we created are:  Silicone hair, silicone blob, spring, fur and water balloon. This video shows a small board with each of the objects driving an LED.

Electronics and Microcontrollers


IxD Lab has a stock of electronics components, sensors and actuators that may be consumed or loaned for student and research projects.

Sensor Smörgåsbord and ActuatorBoard

News, Resources

These boards are pedagogical tools for enabling a better understanding of physical computing.

Code Resources


IxD can provide limited support with your physical computing coding projects.

Here are some links to help with sensing and actuating.

Where to Buy Materials


IxD Lab offers a selection of components and materials, and in most cases these will be adequate for your project needs. If you need to buy other materials, we recommend the following suppliers.

The IxD Workshop


In Room 5A54, you can find the IxD Workshop.
This is a workspace for everyone where we keep our lasercutter and CNC machine.

CNC Machine


We have a Heiz High-Z CNC router table with a selection of bits.

3D Printing


We have several 3D Printers that are accessible to students and researchers.
We can print in several materials; PLA, ABS, Woodfill, Polycarbonate, TPU, PVA etc.



We have an Epilog Helix 60w laser-cutter that can work with wood, MDF, plexiglass, fabrics, cardboard, paper and leather.
The laser-cutter is ideal for quickly producing prototypes in a variety of materials.