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IxD Lab has a stock of electronics components, sensors and actuators that may be consumed or loaned for student and research projects.

Additionally, we support courses and individual students by offering Arduino kits with a basic selection of sensors and actuators so that you can get started on a project or begin to explore the possibilities of physical computing.

Please come up to the Lab in our Opening hours or send us an email if you want to know more, or if you want advice on your project.

Our stock is too varied to list exhaustively, here is a small selection of what we can offer:
Sensors: distance and motion, flex, pressure, air quality, light, temperature etc.
Actuators: motors, solenoids, LEDs, buzzers, speakers and amplifiers, displays, air pumps etc.
Electronics: passive components (resistors, capacitors etc.), active components (diodes, transistors etc.), integrated circuits (motor drivers, output expanders, regulators etc.)
Hardware: screws, bolts and fasteners, magnets, wire, strip- and perf- board, plugs and sockets, switches, buttons, knobs etc.

Additionally, we have various models of Arduino (mostly Unos and Nanos) and a small selection of Raspberry Pis and peripherals.

The Nanos we have are clones, they will not work without installing the correct drivers for the FTDI chip.

Windows 7 users should follow this guide (depending on your version you may have to try another driver, scroll down in the YT description).
Arduino Nano Driver Installation on Win7