Hiking Hybrid Paths: Craft, Performance, Interaction

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On November 25. from 13:00 to 14:00 Michael Nitsche from Georgia Tech will give a talk on Hiking Hybrid Paths.Hiking Hybrid Paths: Craft, Performance, Interaction
The question is not anymore how to introduce new-ish media into our world but to deal with the hybrid realities they create. Addressing this challenge, my work combines craft and performance to inform novel interaction design. The materiality of both of these disciplines offers a rich perspective for areas such as physical computing and HCI. I will present a broad introduction to argue first why we should try such an approach and provide some initial examples of how this manifests in my own teaching and research.


Michael Nitsche is the Director of Graduate Studies for the Digital Media program at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he teaches mainly on issues of hybrid spaces and what we do in them. He uses Performance Studies, craft research, HCI, and media studies as critical approaches and applies them to interaction design for digital media, mobile technology, and digital performances. He directs the Digital World and Image Group, which has received funding from the NSF, Alcatel Lucent, Turner Broadcasting, and GCATT, among others.

Nitsche’s publications include the books Video Game Spaces (Cambridge, 2009) and The Machinima Reader (Cambridge, 2011) (co-edited with Henry Lowood, both MIT Press).