Lab Talks

Lab Talk: Microbes on the Mind

Lab Talks

Monday the 25th March at 9.30 in the IxD Lab 

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Lab Talk: The exocollective

Lab Talks

Friday March 15 at 13 in the IxD lab

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Lab Talk: IoT in the Home

Lab Talks

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Hiking Hybrid Paths: Craft, Performance, Interaction

Lab Talks

On November 25. from 13:00 to 14:00 Michael Nitsche from Georgia Tech will give a talk on Hiking Hybrid Paths. Continue reading “Hiking Hybrid Paths: Craft, Performance, Interaction” »

Object Ecology

Lab Talks

On December 9. from 13:00 to 14:00 Tom Jenkins from Georgia Tech will give a talk on Object Ecology. Continue reading “Object Ecology” »

Design encounters with non-human others

Lab Talks

Li Jönsson from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, will give a talk on Design encounters with non-human others, 18th November at 14:00 in IxD Lab.

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The downgrade path: Conviviality in infrastructural decay

Lab Talks

Marisa Cohn, assistant professor at ITU and member of the TiP and IxD research groups, will be holding a talk on November 5. in the IxD Lab.

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Exploring materials through design practices

Lab Talks

Vasiliki is doing her PhD at KTH in stockholm with Ylva Fernaeus and is visiting ITU the rest of the year sitting in IxD lab! On October 8. She did a talk on Exploring materials through design practices.

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Electronics, computers and mechanics and my paint, brush and canvas.

Lab Talks

On Thursday the 24th of September, we had a visit from Christian Liljedahl from art collective Illutron (

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Senses & Futures

Lab Talks

Julka Almquist from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago visited ITU and gave an extraordinary lab talk September 17, on Senses & Futures.

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IxD Lab Talks Fall 2015

Lab Talks

September 24: Christian Liljedahl from Illutron:

October 8: Vasiliki Tsaknaki, visiting researcher from KTH:

November 5: Marisa Cohn from ITU, on Technical Obsolescence

November 18 @14:00: Li Jönsson from KADK, on Design encounters with non-human others

November 25 from 13:00 to 14:00: Michael Nitsche from Georgia Tech

December 9 from 13.00 to 14.00: Tom Jenkins from Georgia Tech, on Object Ecology

Lab Talk thursday at 14

Lab Talks

On Thursday at 14 Rita Maldonado Branco will give a lab talk on: Communicating with people with dementia
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Thesis Presentation

Lab Talks

Nina Mørch Pedersen and Morten Winter will present their thesis on may 12th!

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Hacking with Chinese Characteristics

Lab Talks

Silvia Lindtner is giving a Lab Talk on May 7 at 14:00

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Extra: Garnet Hertz

Lab Talks

Garnet Hertz will visit ITU and IxD lab on October 3 at 4-5 pm and have an open conversation on Critical Making
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Play Matters

Lab Talks

Miguel Sicart is giving a Lab Talk on November 13 at 13.

An exciting visit

Lab Talks

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Designing Material

Lab Talks

Paul Nicholas will give a Lab Talk on Oktober 31 from 13-14

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