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Nina Mørch Pedersen and Morten Winter will present their thesis on may 12th!


Nina Mørch Pedersen

The purpose of this thesis is to examine what methods interaction designers can use in the design process when designing for an inaccessible context and with new emerging technologies. Within interaction design there is a broad method catalogue the designer can use when designing future designs. In this thesis, I collaborate with an EU-project that develops flexible OLED and piezo. Since these technologies are thin, flexible, and waterproof, they can be relevant in a diving context, where there is limited light and the technology can be integrated in the wetsuit, which streamlines the diver in the water. I perform a series of design methods to understand how these in different ways enlighten an understanding of the context and the technology and point towards possible design solutions. The scope is thus to reflect on the methods used in the project and how they informed the exploration of the design space.

10.00-10.30 BEHAVING EXPRESSIONS – A form study of shape-changing interfaces

Morten Winther

How can we better understand the expressional qualities of shape-changing interfaces? This study is an aesthetic enquiry into understanding the basics of shape-changing form compositions. The purpose is to further develop the form and expression literacy for shape-changing interfaces in interaction design. Drawing on theoretical concepts from architecture and the Bauhaus tradition, I qualify an aesthetic approach to shape-changing interfaces as a way to reveal new potentials for actuation in interactive artefacts. Based on a basic vocabulary for describing shape-change (point, line, plane, volume, and force), I have performed a series of experiments, which have been synthetized and produced as two prototypes.