Lab Talk: The exocollective

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Friday March 15 at 13.00
IxD lab
Interactive touch composite (glass + technology + light). Experiment as a part of dynamic transprancies with Henrik Svarrer Larsen, Peter Kuchinke and Mads Hobye.

The exocollective is an organic grouping with multiple stakeholders engaging for shorter or longer periods of time, all connected by a shared interest in doing speculative explorations of interactive design, art, and technology.

The main agenda is to develop an experimental approach to researching the potential of new technologies and materials: Speculative explorations in interactive design, art and technology. The massive evolvement of technology invites an ongoing exploration of the creative and speculative spaces they open up. It calls for a sensibility towards the possibilities in materials, tinkering, hacking, redesigning, shaping and questioning possible, probable and potential outcomes. computational material exploration includes play, aesthetics, experience, engagement, embodiment, social and physical elements.