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Novel Piezo Sensing


Piezo elements are small devices that can turn vibration into electrical current and vice versa. In this short exploration, we examine how Piezo elements can be exploited to create some unique sensing objects.

The sensing objects we created are:  Silicone hair, silicone blob, spring, fur and water balloon. This video shows a small board with each of the objects driving an LED.

Magnetic Silicone

Material Sketches

Magnetic Silicone is a composite of Iron Oxide and EcoFlex 00-30 Moulding Silicone.
Like the best things in life, this exploration came about by chance.
This material was discovered in the process of attempting to make soft iron cores for flexible electromagnets. The short video shows how different arrangements of the material reacts to permanent magnetic actuation.

IxD Lab at Copenhagen Culture Night 2017